Our journey started several years ago when we became aware of the fact how much textile waste was incinerated or was ending up in useless landfills. Only a small amount is actually being recycled and recovered – mostly into sound absorption material and carpet backing for cars. Such a shame! Why not create something beautiful from this “waste”, which helps to sustain our planet? We found our challenge in the most popular garment of all times: the blue jeans.

Together with a young and ambitious team of people who share the same passion, we create something new from worn-out or used material. The Blue LOOP collection is designed and produced with the aim of preserving the textile industry with every small step we take.

Every worn-out pair of jeans is made from cotton and therefore extremely valuable for us. After we have collected old jeans, powerful shredding machines carefully tear apart each pair in order to reclaim the original cotton fibers. At the end of this process we have unravelled the old garments into light blue denim fibers, which we call our Blue LOOP DNA.

In a small town in Italy, the jeans fibers are then being respun into yarns. These recycled denim yarns form the basis of our collection, ranging from soft shirts, comfortable sweatshirts and hoodies blended with recycled wool for warmth and a series of bold accessories.


We love to dream about the future, about the world and the way it should be. For ourselves, our loved ones, nature and everything surrounding us.

At Blue LOOP we dream about a world where sustainability is paramount and waste is history. Not only in clothing, but also in every aspect of our lives. A sustainable and mindful way of living at any time, every day:

Everyday a recycling lifestyle.

Okay, to be honest: that is quite a big dream. Fortunately, it is in our nature to realize dreams one step at the time. Let’s start with the textile industry: Fashion is the world’s second most polluting industry after oil. The textile industry uses more water than any other industry apart from agriculture. In Europe alone, 640 million pair of jeans end up in landfills or are being burned every year.

Ever since, it has become our mission to give worn-out jeans a second life that matters. Each single Blue LOOP garment is developed according to our philosophy ‘WORN to REBORN’.

So let’s make recycling part of our everyday life!


To keep our mind and heart focused in the right direction,
we have formulated a few key values so we will stay true to ourselves and keep our promises, every single day.


Unravelling worn-out jeans is a process that uses zero water. Compared to growing new cotton, we save 1.000 litres of irrigation water with 1 kilogram of recycled denim. We want to maintain the highest quality standard in production as possible, that’s why our production chain is situated in Europe. At the same time we can minimize clutter. Sustainable recycling at its best!


To show an item’s origin and its past life, the percentage of the used recycled volume and the environmental savings of water, CO2 and energy, we teamed up with REMO to analyze our production chain. On each special REMO label, which is attached to your Blue LOOP garment, you can discover the ecological footprint of the garment you have purchased. This way we try to make the world a better place, one step at the time


A tent or a solar jacket made out of recycled denim? Nothing is impossible! We find inspiration in the strangest places and we love to work with passionate partners . By engaging in conversation with people, miraculous things and challenges appear. Together we can work on pioneering and inspiring ideas for the new world. We are always in for a creative sparring session and we like to think outside the box. Are you in as well?


At Blue LOOP, we do things differently. We often swim against the tide and we also like to try new things. This takes a lot of time, energy, persistence and patience. Every day is a challenge. But nothing great ever came that easy!