“Wearing solar cells lets us harness the sun’s potential energy and become a power source ourselves in places, where this first seems impossible.” explained by fashion designer Pauline van Dongen. “The Solar Windbreaker provides the tour guides with renewable energy on the go, offering at the same time comfort and functionality. The graphite colored fabric of the jacket is made out of upcycled denim yarns by Blue LOOP Originals, combined with recycled polyester and a waterproof finish. Developed with the aim of high functionality, the jacket integrates five pockets and has a hood, which can be stored behind a zipper in the collar. A power bank placed directly in the lining of the jacket, allows the user to charge any kind of portable device from phone to camera and GPS navigation, in any kind of weather. The result is a functional, technical design that will protect the tour guides of the Waddenvereniging from natural elements, while simultaneously embracing the same elements as a symbiosis.” says Ron van de Wiel, co-founder of Blue LOOP Originals.

We hope that this collaboration will inspire people to think about renewable energies and the importance of sustainable developments, as well as raise appreciation and awareness for the preservation of the biggest tidal area in Europe: the Wadden Sea.