Interested in the technical stuff?
For the shirts and dresses, we used two yarns to weave. The white yarn is made from organic cotton and the blue yarn is made from a mix of recycled denim (50%) and new cotton (50%).

We strive to be as durable and transparent as possible regarding the production process of our clothing. Since we use more blue yarns than white yarns, the final composition of the fabric is:

  • * 40% Organic cotton
  • * 40% Recycled denim
  • * 30% Virgin Cotton

The apron has an indigo dyed warp with the least possible amount of chemicals. The weft thread is made out of cotton. Together they are woven in a nice medium weight denim fabric by renown and sustainable manufacturer ITALDENIM in Italy.

ITALDENIM manufactures its denims in compliance with the Detox Greenpeace Commitment. By underwriting the Detox Greenpeace Commitment we can guarantee our goal to eliminate the use of dangerous chemicals in all stages of production, from sizing of the yarn to the dyeing and washing process of the fabric.

From the denim manufacturer in Italy the fabric is then shipped to Volendam, where former seamstresses produce these sustainable aprons.

The composition of the apron is:

  • * 60% Recycled denim
  • * 40% Virgin cotton

Personal touch.
All the conscious shirts, dresses and aprons are marked with two metal pins: A small, clever and sustainable detail to add a personal nametag.

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